Monday, May 3, 2010

Motivation Monday

This weekend, I worked on cleaning out my craft room so I could actually, well, craft in it a little.  It seems that we've been so busy lately.  It's calving season, the kids have all been sick a few times, especially Baby T, who's getting over a sinus infection.  Our town's Youth Center just had a big fundraiser to benefit the community swimming pool and I was on one of the planning committees.  My mother-in-law has been out of town, meaning that all trips out of the house are with 3 little ones in tow.  Oh boy, am I missing her!  It is such a luxury to have her nearby to watch a child or two when I need to run errands or just get some things done. 

Anyway, we've been so busy that I've gotten into a bit of a rut.  I talked to all of my sisters this weekend and I think I used the word "weary" to describe myself, oh, about 8 times.  Yikes.  It's time for an action plan!  Remember, I'm a list lover, so I'm going to make myself a few lists and check back in every Monday to update you all on the progress.

This is my fabric stash at this moment.  I finally pressed and folded some fabrics that I had bought and washed a at least a month ago.  Relief!  Now, I need to turn these beautiful, tidy little rectangles into things that make me happy.

I also cut out the ivory squares yesterday to use with the floral charm pack in my very first quilt.  I'm excited for this one.

In my never ending attempt to improve my photo skills I drug out our much beleaguered tripod.  Someone (me) let one or more of our children play with it at one(some) point(s) and now it needs a little tlc, or at least a couple screws.

Unassuming pieces of red and black fabric awaiting their transformation into a cape for a dashing little superhero. 

A whole pile of burp rags just begging for a little top-stitching.

And, a pile of knee socks needs to turn into a pile of legwarmers for my wearer of the dresses.

So, now you at least have an idea of the sewing projects.  I'll share more details as I complete them.  Here are the lists.  I have so many more project lists floating around more in my head, but they haven't solidified into anything I'm capable of typing out yet, so I'll share them as they evolve.

Works In Progress(WIP) in random order
birthday gift for my baby sister
leg warmers
superhero cape
checkbook covers and pouches
mending pile
drawstring bags for helmets

Home Decor
do something about the soffit over the kitchen sink
paint the living room trim
paint the porch/laundry room
paint the upstairs hallway
finish the photo collage frames and hang
paint the dresser in the living room
refinish our bedside tables
hang up the headboard

Things I Need to do to Make Life Easier (not a very short and catchy title, but at least it's vague;))
work with Baby T for an earlier bedtime
wake up before the rest of the family
eat healthy, regular meals
meal plan

Ok, so I'm off to work on these things.  I'll check back in and re-visit the lists on Mondays.  And probably add to them.  But, I'll also check things off, and that's what this is all about.


  1. LOVE your new blog design and all of your awesome projects!! Can't wait to see what you create with this gorgeous fabric :)

  2. Funny! I was going to sit down this evening and make a list just like yours!!! With school ended - I now have time for the things I have been putting on the shelf all semester! I am looking forward to this May... I hope we get lots of those beautiful rainy days (like today).

  3. I'm going to try to wake up before the kids tomorrow morning! Been talking about doing that for a long time. They're up by 6:30am... so I'm going to set the alarm for 6am (first time in almost 4 years). It's just so hard to get up and getting going... hoping it makes the morning a bit more pleasant at first. Plus it gets so freaking hot here you gotta get out before 10am, lol! Figure we'll try to create a habit now. Wish us luck ;)

  4. Can't wait for updates on your projects!

  5. Thanks Kristi! I stopped by the construction looks like fun!

    Christa I saw the snow in the mountains yesterday and thought of this comment. :) Yay for summer, weather be darned!

    Good luck, Tys! It's hard for me, too. I used to be a morning person...not so much anymore. I'm still going to try, though!

    You'll have some soon, Jennifer! I can't believe how much I've gotten done already...I'll share some tomorrow. :)

  6. Oh, you have some beautiful fabric! Good luck with all your lists, looks like you'll be busy!



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