Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Motivation Monday on Tuesday

Okay, time for my Monday check-in.  I know it's Tuesday, but, in my defense, I was very productive yesterday.  I crossed out a few items and will add a few more in green.  Posts detailing my projects will follow this week.  As will a post detailing a hilarious flop of a project not on the lists.  :)

Works In Progress(WIP) in random order
birthday gift for my baby sister
birthday gift for my big sister
leg warmers
burp rags
superhero cape
quilt - 2 squares done, my first quilt squares ever!
checkbook covers and pouches
baby shoe patterns
mending pile
drawstring bags for helmets

Home Decor
do something about the soffit over the kitchen sink
paint the living room trim
paint the porch/laundry room
paint the upstairs hallway
finish the photo collage frames and hang
paint the dresser in the living room
refinish our bedside tables
hang up the headboard

Things I Need to do to Make Life Easier (not a very short and catchy title, but at least it's vague;))
work with Baby T for an earlier bedtime - So far it's about an hour earlier than it was, but I'd still like to shave another hour off.
wake up before the rest of the family
eat healthy, regular meals
meal plan - I've meal planned through the end of May.  Woot!
design and start using a daily docket including a food journal, medication check list, and cleaning schedule/checklist


  1. Gotta say...this is motivating on any day!

    Did you really plan your menu through May? This I cannot even fathom. Seriously. Thanks for the inspirations!

  2. I really truly did. Pics are loading now for a post about the cape, but I'll do a post about that next. There are a couple little tricks that really simplify it. :)



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