Friday, April 30, 2010

Mmm, Murphy Oil Soap

Hello and welcome to my veteran readers and to new friends from New Friend Friday.

I think we all probably have a few products that just make us happy.  One of mine is Murphy Oil Soap Original Formula.  I heart this stuff big time.  To start with, it smells just like heaven, I'm sure of it.  That lemon-y scent that reminds me of childhood wall washing and cleaning of church pews in a good, warm fuzzy type of way.  And, I like that it's so gentle and naturally derived.  I don't worry too much about using it to mop the floors my sweet babies crawl on.  And sometimes eat off of.  They're sneaky little babies like that.

I actually love it so much that I always have an extra bottle on hand.  I need to break down and start buying the huge jugs of it. Murphy's, as I like to call it, is a very versatile cleaner.  A dollop of it in hot water is great for washing walls and cabinets, as well as mopping.  I don't measure it like they suggest, heck I rarely measure when I cook anymore I'm not measuring cleaner.  I also use it with hot water to periodically degunk our dining room furniture, that poor stuff gets mighty sticky.  Apparently, you can use it on laundry stains and cars, too, but I've never tried that.

Obviously, the Murphy people have no idea who I am and are not sponsoring this post in any way, I just felt the need to share the love with you awesome readers.  If any of you Murphy people are reading, though...ahem...maybe we can work something out. ;)


  1. Stopping by from The Girl Creative’s New Friend Friday. I am your newest follower. sounds good.

  2. I love that stuff too! Thanks for your words on my blog as well! It does feel great to be home and back in the swing of life "as normal"... Wanted to tell you that I got all the supplies to make those cute clothe shoes... can't wait to start!

    Thanks for letting me peek into your life... I can hardly believe I am sooo lucky to have such a cool "neighbor"!!!!

  3. I remember using that stuff as a kid, I love the smell to!

  4. i definitely use murphy's oil on the bathroom tile and should be using it on my wood floors but i'm a little lazy :)



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