Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's a Bird, It's a Plane...

It's Superman!  This is the first of the sewing projects from my list that I completed.  It's so far from perfect it's laughable, but it's done.  I've had the fabric for almost 6 months, so done and imperfect is better than still sitting in neat little bundles in my sewing room.

Superman (who refers to himself as Supaman, has no idea who Superman and Batman are, and will STRONGLY deny being Batman; both sides of the cape are Superman and that's it!) could take it or leave it.  I actually had to bribe him to get him to wear it long enough to get a couple pics.  But that's ok, he'll like it more when he's a bit older.

I used this tutorial, that I've had bookmarked in my sewing folder for ever and ever.  It was very easy to do and I think that the next one I do will be much better.  Oh, yes, there will be another one.  I think all of my children need capes.  And I probably need one, too!  They would make great additions to Halloween costumes!

If you look closely you'll see that the fabric around the logos is puckered and that my applique stitching is horrendous.  Next time I think I'll just straight stitch near the edge of the felt and call it good.  I actually think that look appeals to me more, anyway.  I tried a plain ol' zigzag and didn't like it, so I switched to my machine's applique stitch with the feed dogs down.  Talk about a learning curve!  Whew, it was a lot of work and more than a little frustrating.  Not at all worth the crooked-y results.  Oh, and a little stablizer probably wouldn't come amiss, either.

The bribery I mentioned.  "You can throw rocks in the pond if you'll leave this on for a minute!"

One final note in regards to Superman's appearance:  Yes, he had chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast (whole wheat, though, that makes it healthy, right?!) and I didn't wash his face.  Yes, the side of his face is covered in dirt because he fell down.  No, I didn't pick out his outfit.  Big Sissy did, and that t-shirt is Baby T's.  The shorts were a gift from Aunt Gigi, and when I told him who got them for him, he said that makes him happy. :)  So, thanks, Aunt Gigi! 


  1. I think it's great and he obviously loves it! That's what's important, right?

  2. LOL! That's great! We have a friend that has a "Super Alice" cape with big A sewn on the back of the cape. Thought that was a pretty cute idea! Hey you're crossing off your list! Yay!

  3. Love "supaman"! I've had making a cape on my sewing list for ages, too, and have yet to actually do it!

  4. Why don't we wear capes anymore once we grow up? Having read this post I'm feeling kind of nostalgic for my Snow White cape days.



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