Monday, March 8, 2010

Pinecone Bird Feeders

Here's a quick little project for little or big hands.  My kids love to do this and it's super simple.  The only downfall is that the cleanup can take longer than the project. 

We gathered these pinecones from my grandma's yard last year.  Kids love pinecones, mine are always bringing me special ones.

Spread the pinecones with a generous amount of peanut butter.  I think little spatulas might be easier for the little hands, but we used butter knives. 

Once the pincones are mostly covered with the peanut butter roll them in birdseed.  Press down to pack the seeds into the peanut butter.

Tie a string of some sort around the pinecone.  We used twine, but you could also use fishing line, floss, or even ribbon.

Hang the feeders outside and wait for birdies.  The weather's so nice right now they're not very interested, but, as one of my friends pointed out, April is the new December here lately, so I'm sure we'll have some takers soon.


  1. Oh our birdies will be coming back soon! Thanks for the idea!

  2. We need to do this! We have a gazillion pinecones around here and birds. However the bird shun my feeder and birdbath?!?! Maybe they'd like these yummy things? :)

  3. Those look tasty enough for me! Those birds might have to get in line for PB and seeds. Great little project. And, as always, love the pics! Those expressions! And A looks so young with her hair tucked up in her hood. Any birds with this wintry weather today?

  4. We had a couple of visitors, Jennifer! It's such a thrill for the kids to see the birds actually eating what they made. :)

  5. Yay! They must feel such a part of the natural world. They are so attuned. I really appreciate how projects like these encourage them to think of the creatures and happenings outside their walls. I sure love it when I do! I'll bet they are just ticked to see the rewards of their efforts!



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