Sunday, February 28, 2010

Crochet for my baby

I made this in the car.  The hat, not the baby, silly.  This is the fourth hat I've crocheted.  The other three I made last summer to keep myself busy during bedrest. 

The one I had made for baby T earlier was from a baby yarn, and I wanted him to have one that matched his siblings' hats.

I think he likes it.  Doesn't it match his eyes well?
I was sorting through my yarn recently and realized that I have about 10 shades of blue yarn.  And that's all, no other colors.  Crazy, huh? 
I like blue. Blue is my signature color.
I've seen Steel Magnolias a couple of times...


  1. You're killing me with all your cute projects on your cute kids! I've been seeing so many of these cute hats around! As always... jealous of your creations... human and domestic ;)

  2. T is so cute, I can't even believe it. Look at those big blue eyes! I sure would like to come home and give him and the other adorable little ones big hugs and kisses.

  3. Now you're just showing off! And well you should, with kids who look like that! Adorable hat, too. You're really good a making stuff (including kiddos). And you make it look so easy, that boggles me even more!

  4. That hat is so cute! I have taken to making hats on the Knifty Knitter... for some reason, I always mis-count when either crocheting or knitting in the round, LOL! T is such a cutie, too!!!

  5. Thanks everyone, I know you can tell that I think T is pretty cute. :)

    You're right, jennifiend, I'm showing off. :)

    I really want to learn to knit, Shelley. I lose count of stitches, too, but just figure oh well when it's for my kids...they don't know the difference. :P And, those Knifty Knitters look like they'd be really handy. My goal is to learn to knit this year. I think it would be easier to knit the nubby yarns that appeal to me than to crochet them, too.

  6. Okay missy, that is adorable!

  7. Beautiful hat and what a beautiful baby!

    I can totally imagine that 2nd picture with the background in black and white and just baby's beautiful face in color.

  8. Pink is definitely my signature color. :-)

    And that is one super gorgeous baby you have there.

  9. Dude, I can teach you how to knit. Next weekend. Done.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Can someone teach me how to knit?

  12. That's a great idea, Katie. I think I'm going to play around with it...

    Jennifer, hitch a ride this way and I'm sure Bridget will teach you, too! Girl weekend!!



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