Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Chubby Tootsies

When your ankles look like this:
it can be difficult to keep on socks that don't turn your feet purple.  Purple feet make a mama sad.  So, when I stumbled on this tutorial, I knew what I had to do.  I've been a big fan of the leather soft-soled baby shoes since A was born, but not a big fan of the price tag.  C had a pair of those name brand shoes that baby T's been wearing, but they're starting to get a little snug.  I happend to have recently purchased this snail fabric with no project in mind, I just found it adorable.  And, I'd been hanging on to a yellow t-shirt of C's that looked like, well, like a 2 year old boy had been wearing it.  The stars aligned and these:
were the final result.  Soft little custom shoes that fit my baby's chubby ankles and keep his socks on.  They were an especially good project because I had been wanting to practice button holes.  I got some practice and no one can see them, perfect combination.  And yes, the elastic is pink.  It's all I had on hand.  I'll pick up some manly white elastic the next time I make it to the fabric store.
Cute, huh?
Even cuter!  And he now had warm and stylish little feet.  I feel another pair or three coming on... 
make it wear it


  1. I bookmarked that tutorial a while ago and can't wait to try it. Your shoes turned out so cute!

  2. Oh my, you're so talented Megan! Those are great and Baby T is just precious to boot!

  3. I am amazed!! Those are so cute. Not as cute as T, but super duper cute and truly impressive!! )

  4. yay for you for starting your own blog!! so impressed by your domestic goddess-ness :)

  5. I love these! Please stop by and link up at my Thursday carnival Make it, Wear it!

  6. Your shoes are adorable! I need to make some for my baby girl...

  7. Aww, thank you all for the sweet comments! Those of you who want to make shoes like these: Do it! I promise you'll be glad you did. :)



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