Friday, September 10, 2010

7 Random Tidbits to Start the Weekend

1)  Today, I picked up the 24 pounds of canning peaches that I ordered last month through our local grocer.  Do I have a single solid plan of what to do with them?  Nope.  I plan to...can them..., in some way, shape, or form.

2)  We were generously given some peafowl last week.  One peacock(who seems to have vacated the premises) and a peahen with a few peachicks.  I like them.  A lot.

3)  The weather here has been very fall-ish and lovely.  Cool rainy days that smell sooo good and lovely crisp sunny days, too.

4)  I love closing up my chicken coop after dark when it's rainy because the night crawlers are all out doing their night crawler thing.  I just walk around pointing my flashlight at the ground and watching them vwoop back into their holes. 

5)  My sweet Mattie dog was bitten by a rattlesnake last weekend.  She was very swollen and sad, but is much improved now, thank heavens.

6)  I am ready for some football!

7)  Campfires are good for the soul.  A few s'mores don't hurt, either.

top: me, A, and C ~ the fire pit builders!
bottom: Mr. M, my sis Jen, C, me, and A


  1. Hi lovely sister,
    1.I am excited about your peafowl, and I hope your peacock comes back!
    2.Your pictures are so adorable.
    3.I can't wait to come visit.
    4.I made pumpkin bread this morning and thought of you & our shared love of fall.
    5.Love ya!

  2. Mmmm. S'mores are my favorite!!

    And do you have a good peach jam recipe you would be willing to share? I made some a few weeks ago, but didn't love it as much as I'd hoped to...


  3. I am so glad your pup is okay! Were you there when she was bitten? Do you have a lot of rattle snakes around your place?

    My friend and I did peaches together last year... jams, preserves, and just plain canning, but I regret I haven't done any this year. I am hoping there is still time.

    My neighbors used to have peacocks... they used to startle me because we have a glass front door and I would walk out in the morning and they would be peering in, beak pressed to the glass. I don't know what happened to them... last I heard they were about two miles away in a neighborhood and making themselves quite at home.

    And now, speaking of closing up chickens, I must go check on the littles that got moved out earlier this week. They are doing well, but I am still paranoid!

  4. Oh, and I was going to say... if you don't have a recipe for jam I made Gingered Peach Preserves last year which I enjoyed... Anyhow, happy canning!

  5. Kacey, I love you! And can't wait for your visit.

    Shell, I've never made peach anything, but I'm going to check out Heather's link for preserves. I'll post if I make something yummy with them!



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